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 JeannaBearFun's Trading Den!!

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PostSubject: JeannaBearFun's Trading Den!!   Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:59 pm

Date opened: October 25th

Time Preffered: When we are both on, any (Time Zone- Eastern)
These are the items I have up for trade:
From Pawlette Coufur:
Light Green Striped Tunic
Light Orange Striped Tunic
Little Dark Pink Striped Tunic
From Bearville Outfitters:
Smocked Dress (x2)
Ruffle Skirt Outfit
Rainbow Ribbon Fairy Dress
Camo Pants
Tropical Hello Kitty Outfit (x2)
Tiered Dress (x2)
Diver Suit
Satin Dress (x2)
Cheerleader Outfit (x3)
Rainbow Dot Tankini (x2)
Striped Star Flip Flop
White Eyelet Dress
Satin Gem Tank (x3)
Floral Belted Tunic (x2) *Retired*
Heart Belted Top (x3) *Retired*
Embroidered Flower Tops (x3) *Retired*
Flower Frog Pajamas
LHP Rhinestone Tank (x2)
Floral Bow Outfit (x3) *Retired*
Plaid Ruffle Outfit *Retired*
Tiered Flower Dress *Retired*
Satin Hearts Dress *Retired*
Ready to Rock Outfit (x2) *Retired*
Sequin Fairy Dress (x2) *Retired*
Faux-Fur Pom Pom Skates *Retired*
Ice Skater Outfit *Retired*
Stripes Denim Outfit *Retired*
Snow Angel Dress *Retired*
Grey Leopard Denim Outfit (x2)
Grey Leopard Ballet Flat (x2)
Polka Dot Belted Outfit (x2) *Retired*
Extreme Hoodie Outfit (x2) *Retired*
Dance Star Outfit (only bottom) *Retired*
Floral Capri Outfit Bottom *Retired*
Satin Holiday Dress (dress x2, accessories x4) *Retired*
Amethyst Fairy Dress *Retired*
Gem Zebra Outfit *Retired*
Witch Costume *Retired*
Patriotic Princess Outfit (x2) *Retired*
Faux-Fur Purse *Retired*
Zebra Print Purse *Retired*
PSI Clothing:
#1 Fan Hand
Wolf PSI
Endless Hugs PSI
Velvet Jacket
Velvet Puppy PSI
Peace PSI
Patriotic Puppy PSI[/color]
Lamb PSI
Lil Chocolate Cub PSI
Mini Bearemy Top
Jeans With Patches
Halloween Kitty Bottom
Hello Kitty Tiny Tee

PSI Accessories:
Happy Go Lucky Frog Hat
Snow Leopard PSI
Unicorn PSI
Cinnamon Swirl Bunny Hat
Hairbow with Polka Dots
Bowtie with Polka Dots
Snazzy Kitty PSI
Rainbow Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears
Hello Kitty Hat
Holly Moose PSI
Hat with Dog Ears
Moose Antlers
Pink Bow in Hair
Kitty Mask
Bunny Tail
Blue Bowtie
Funky Reading Glasses
Bone and Heart Dog Tag Necklace
Heart Locket
Other Items:
All Huggable Hero Items
Disco Dress (from party room)
BVO Shirt
Week-End Dress
Beach Towel (to put on, and in condo)
Stack of Books on Head (Maxine)
Stack of Books (Maxine)
Camp Visor (MiguelSunshine)
Camp Whistle (ChloeRocks)
LHP Pennant (Maxine)
Apple Bag (Maxine)
Red Heart Sunglasses (ChloeRocks)
Recycle Poster (MiguelSunshine)

Items I want for my items:
From Pawlette Coufur:

Heart Print Tees
Giggly piggy PSI
Flamingo Mask
Furry Boots
I Love New York PSI
Camo Bear PSI
Scottie PSI
Portuguese Water Dog PSI
European Bunny Ears
Rhino Shoes
Red Dino Shoes
Bulldog PSI
Silk Pajama Pants
Alien Globe
Jonas Dog PSI
Winter Hugs PSI

*Feel free to offer anything!*
Other Items:
Grand Tiara
New Party Room Outfits
Baseball Hats
Employee Items

"I have read the rules."

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PostSubject: Re: JeannaBearFun's Trading Den!!   Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:55 am

please add
"i have read the rules"
as stated in the trading rules if you dont do so i will delete your trade thread Thanks! :D
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PostSubject: Re: JeannaBearFun's Trading Den!!   Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:51 am



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PostSubject: Re: JeannaBearFun's Trading Den!!   

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JeannaBearFun's Trading Den!!
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